Do you ensure that your applications and its infrastructure are secured against modern attacks? If you notice most powerful threats and attacks are tailor-made to exploit the specific vulnerabilities of the individual organization. Regular security assessment provides clear understanding of your security posture and ensures compliance with industry best practices.

VAPT - Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are two types of vulnerability testing. The tests have different strengths and are often combined to achieve a more complete vulnerability analysis. In short, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments perform two different tasks, usually with different results, within the same area of focus.

Application Security Assessment

Our Web Security Assessment Team can help to remediate critical web application security threats for all OWASP* Top 10 web application vulnerabilities, SANS* Top-20 security risks as well as various client-side vulnerabilities...

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Network Security Assessment

Our Network Security Assessment fills gap in your cyber defense by identifying your security posture from an attacker standpoint and provides visibility to identify irregular network connections that are often symptoms of a potential attack.

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Cloud Security Assessment

We are conducting cloud security assessments on your cloud assets, resources for misconfigurations, non-standard deployments and suggesting remediation tasks for your cloud based interactions.

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Mobile Security Assessment

Our Assessment look for several security related Android application vulnerabilities, either in source code or packaged APKs. We help creating "Proof-of-Concept" and exploiting the vulnerabilities we find.

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Container Security Assessment

Container applications are ephemeral, Our assessment tools can identify metadata information to demonstrate compliance to security policies in container environment.

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IOT Security Assessment

Detailed evaluation of IOT (Internet of Things) devices and their backend infrastructure, revealing vulnerabilities on firmware, physical objects that are accessible through network, and application layers.

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