Security Automation Services

Modern applications can get pretty complex fairly quickly. Having the ability to run automation to do security tasks is almost a mandatory requirement. Security orchestration and automation helps you improve response times, reduce risk exposure and maintain process consistency across your security program.

Being able to simplify your security operations means being able to prioritize alerts, improve staff efficiencies and decrease response times. We assess and automate your organization’s defences to improve overall information security stance and advice to support informed decision making regarding security and risk for your business.

eCysec automation

Why customer choose us

Reduce mean time to detect, respond and recover

Firewall rule cleanup, consolidation and optimization

Deliver industrialize, synergize and enable automation

Effective integration of APIs across various solution components

What value we deliver

Simplicity for complex infrastructure and application workflow

Enhance the security operations maturity model

Smooth transition of knowledge to steady state operations

Adherence to compliance and standards

Overall Features

Understand the Application

Understand the Application
Identify right Tools

Identify right Tools
Automate Security Tests

Automate Security Tests
Test for Outbreaks

Test for Outbreaks
Application Security

Application Security Testing Automation

The different types of application security scanning makes tasks pretty complex,

Run CI/CD scanning against the source code

Dependency checking scanners (OWASP dependency, etc)

Web application scanner (Nikto, etc)

Framework-specific security scanners (WPscan, etc)

eCyLabs helps customers with comprehensive Automated Security Testing strategy and secure your enterprise-crucial applications.

API Security Management

We believe designing and applying a security program that spans across all APIs across all applications is an essential function in protecting data and brand. APIs today increasingly are built on server less infrastructures such as Amazon Lambda, Azure Functions or Google Cloud Functions. Traditional firewalls, gateways and agents can’t protect this type of API built on ephemeral infrastructure. Now consider that a large enterprise might develop and/or use hundreds or even thousands of APIs. The magnitude of the challenge to secure every API becomes apparent.

Manual security oversight and enforcement are simply out of the question. Automation of security assessments done on a continuous basis is the only scalable approach.

eCyLabs defines API security framework that consists of three steps:

Continuous API discovery and specification creation.

Continuous API specification analysis and inspection.

API policy enablement and enforcement.

API Security Management
Security Device Policy Optimization

Security Device Policy Optimization

A key challenge of secure systems is the management of security policies, from high level ones down to the platform specific implementation. Security policies define constraints, limitations, and authorization on data handling and communications. eCyLabs Automation services develop an algorithm to solve the rule set optimization problem, under the constraint that the reordered rule set be conflict-free. Effortlessly optimize your security device policy and keep it clean and lean. Automated change management processes ensure that new rules are optimally designed and implemented so that you don’t generate more clutter over time.

SOC Automation and Orchestration

eCyLabs supports customers to make informed decisions. Detect and respond at machine speed with data science, machine learning and automation that augments human skills and experience. We use Splunk for SOC automation, With Splunk Mission Control; customers gain a new, unified SOC experience that supports investigation and search across multiple on-premises and cloud-based Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security instances, ChatOps collaboration, case management and automated response, all from a common work surface.

Work smarter by executing actions across your security infrastructure in seconds, versus hours or more if performed manually. Codify your workflows into automated playbooks using our visual editor (no coding required) or the integrated Python development environment.

SOC Automation and Orchestration

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